Thanks for stopping by my page! In case you didn't know, Amy isn't my real name. It's a pen name I use to publish books and novellas for teens that have a romantic theme.

I chose the name Amy Sparling when I independently published my first book, Deadbeat. I wasn't sure if I would keep the pen name at first--I wasn't even sure if I'd keep publishing. But I got incredibly lucky and found a group of young adults who loved my stories and kept asking for more. You guys seriously have made my writing hobby into the greatest part of my life. I will continue writing books under this name for as long as my readers want them!

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I want to read your books but I don't have a Kindle.
Easy peasy! Amazon offers a free app for most devices (cell phones, tablets, computers) so you can read my ebooks without a Kindle. Check out this blog post I wrote that explains further.

Will there be more Jace and Bayleigh books?
You asked for it... and you'll get it! I had previously said there would be no more Jace and Bayleigh books. And then Becca's series (Summer Alone) inspired me to write another book with Jace and Bayleigh. Now the series has 5 books and will go on as long as the readers keep wanting more!

What is the release order & reading order for the rest of the Summer Unplugged Books?
Book 1 - Summer Unplugged
Book 2 - Autumn Unlocked
Book 3 - Winter Untold
Book 4 - Spring Unleashed
Book 5 - The Beginning of Forever (a novel)
Book 6 - Autumn Adventure
Book 7 - Winter Wonderful
Book 8 - The Girl with my Heart (a novel from Jace's point of view)
Book 9 - Autumn Awakening
Book 10 - Winter Whirlwind

What is the release order for Becca's Series?
Becca's series is a spin off from the Summer Unplugged series and will be released in 4 novellas. Here's the reading order and release schedule:
Book 1 - Summer Alone
Book 2 - Summer Together
Book 3 - Summer Apart
Book 4 - Summer Forever

Will you make a movie out of your books?
Oh man, I wish I could! But authors usually have zero say in what books become movies. In order for Summer Unplugged to be on the big screen, it'd have to be bought by a movie producer who has the capability and money to make that happen. But you never know! If someone comes asking for the movie rights to my books, you'll be the first to know!

Will you write more about Park and Becca?
Yes, I will, but it won't be until the Summer Unplugged series is finished after book 10.